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Introducing our all-natural Essential Skin Balm, your new go-to for a complete self-care routine. This versatile balm works as a cleansing balm, overnight skin cream, cuticle cream, blemish reducer, blackhead eraser and say goodbye to any dry or irritated skin. Infused with the powerful antibacterial and anti-fungal properties of tea tree essential oil and enhanced with rosemary essential oil to heal and lavender essential oil to soothe, it works wonders on any dry or damaged skin. Made with only natural ingredients, this Essential Skin Balm is perfect for anyone looking to upgrade their skincare routine.

Essential Skin Balm


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Comments (2)

I love this stuff! My husband used this on my back as a massage oil and wow! It worked better than the normal stuff I use. And smelt better too! Not to mention it eventually rubs in so you don't have to use more than a nickel sized amount for a 30 minute massage. I will definitely return to buy!! Highly recommend!

Nickolas C
Nickolas C
05 de mar.

This stuff is awesome! Smells great and works better than the normal lotions I use for dry skin! The excess can easily be rubbed in to the arms to make your hand oil free. I applied a small dab to my knees and elbows 6 hours ago and they are still nice and moisturized also oil and shine free.

This stuff is amazing!

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