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Introducing our new fragrance roller collection, featuring three irresistible variations: clove & vanilla, lavender & coconut, and mint melon lemon. Each scent is carefully crafted to create a unique sensory experience that will transport you to a world of relaxation and self care. Clove & vanilla is warm and perfect for those cozy fall days, while lavender & coconut is luxurious and will leave you feeling pampered. And for those mornings when you need a little extra boost, mint melonlemon offers a burst of energizing freshness. Get ready to indulge your senses with our fragrance oils.




Clove & Vanilla - Jojoba oil, vanilla essential oil, clove essential oil, sandalwood essential oil


Lavender & Coconut - Jojoba oil, lavender essential oil, coconut fragrance oil, vanilla essential oil


Mint Melon Lemon - Jojoba oil, spearmint essential oil, cucumber melon fragrance oil, lemon essential oil

Fragrance Rollers


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